Breed name:
American Hairless Terrier
United Kennel Club (UKC)
Country of origin:
Southern United States
Breed Group:
Average Size:
12 to 16 inches, 12 to 16 pounds
Average life span:
12-15 years
Acceptable colors:
Any except merle or albino
Brief description:
A natural variation of the Rat Terrier, this completely hairless dog (some may have eyebrows and whiskers) is a lively, intelligent and friendly companion that is often the perfect answer for those with allergies.

Good with children:
The AHT generally gets along very well with children. One caution is with very young children. As a puppy especially, the AHT is small and can be accidentally injured by a well-meaning but overly enthusiastic or careless child. Also any dog can growl or snap if pushed too far by any child. It is important that parents take precautions to prevent accidental injuries to the puppy, teach the children proper handling and interaction with dogs, as well as supervise young children at all times with any dog, regardless of breed.
Can live in apartment or city:
Yes, does very well in apartments and cities. They are strictly an indoor dog.
Grooming needs:
Relatively minimal. Regular bathing, nail trims and keeping ears clean.
Climate needs:
Can live in any, with precautions against extreme conditions.
Outdoors Vs Indoors:
MUST live indoors, NOT an outdoor or yard dog
Intelligent, trainable and enjoys activity such as obedience & agility
Compatible with other dogs:
Exercise needs:
Minimal. Regular walks, indoor play time. Enjoys activity but content to be a lap dog as well.
Watchdog ability:
Many will alert to a stranger by barking, but not generally protection dogs.
Health Issues:
Luxating patellas is the primary concern (very common in most small breeds). Incidences of Legg-Calves-Perthes and deafness have been reported as well.
Differences from other hairless breeds:
The AHT is quite a bit different from most commonly known hairless breeds (such as Chinese Crested, Xolo, etc.). The AHT does NOT have hair anywhere on the body (such as head, feet, tail) and should not have any excess body hair. Dentition in the AHT is full and strong, and skin problems are rare.

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